Psychodynamic Counselling

Person centred and effective therapeutic Counselling offered in a safe & friendly environment.

What We Do

Pyschodynamic therapy can help with both an individuals inner rooted deeper issues and any more recent problems. Therapy can aid moving forward and help with implementing an effective resolution.

At MA Counselling we have extensive experience of conducting both child and adult therapy sessions particularly in the realm of eating disorders and in adopting the Pyschodynamic approach.

Therapy is usually conducted in a safe one to one environment. But under the current conditions it can safely and effectively be conducted via telephone conferencing or the BACP approved medium of ZOOM video calling.

Therapy would normally consist of a number of sessions based in a safe one to one professional environment. But considering the current situation then counselling is most effective when made via telephone calling or via the BACP approved medium of Zoom video conferencing.

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